Your wedding will be the most memorable day of your life. Create a cool and fabulous memory for you and all your loved ones with a song that captures the essence of you both. Do you want your guests to walk away from your reception saying “that was such an incredible wedding!”? For a unique and personal memory, collaborate with me to create a custom song for your special day. Turn the predicable first dance into a romantic show stopper, spice up the typical wedding slideshow with humorous lyrics about your courtship or get your father on the dance floor with a personalized dance tune that will make everyone smile. Look back on this day with a keepsake that you can pull out at anniversaries.

Perform your first dance to a personalized classic rock tune about the ways you love each other.

You’re My Man

Maybe you were right
I just can’t keep my hands off you
I hold my head up high
Whenever I’m around you
And I’ll show you city life; you’ll take us on a hike
I think I am starting to like you

Seems that I’m falling for a contractor in tight jeans
Now it is time for a Japanese feast made for me
And you have all of that,
Begging for forgiveness, not asking for permission to hold my hand
As long as it looks good, cause I can’t stand not to be cool
And either should you
Cause I work on Main Street, can’t you agree

You’re my man, I like it better that way
Make me a meal and watch my favourite movies
I may be up, I may be down
But you sweep my feet back off the ground
You’re my man, you’re my man
I like it better that way

Pack the dance floor with a hilarious 90s hip hop song reminiscing about the times you’ve spent together.

B-Diddy and Jam Master J

Imagine line dancing with your in-laws and friends after your 5th glass of wine.

Museum Wendy

I started writing custom songs for friends and family years ago. And they absolutely loved them! So I thought, why not share that excitement with others. Whether it be country, rap, 80s, 90s, dance or dancehall – I have done them all. Whatever your heart desires, I will do my utmost to make you happy.

What is in my custom wedding song package?

Each order contains:
A CD containing your original song
A karaoke version (perfect for sing-alongs!)
Lyric sheet
MP3 version

It’s a very easy process. We start things off with a simple email. I’ll respond with a questionnaire that outlines everything I need to know to write your personal song. The list includes traits, characteristics and unique stories that you want in your song. You also choose a musical genre and make a list of favourite bands/artists that you like. Then we talk, either by phone or online, to ensure I get all the appropriate information, anything that enables me to personalize your song. From there, I form a rough draft of the music and lyrics for you to listen to and read. You make any suggestions and I make the necessary changes and deliver our masterpiece!

Here are a few testimonials from happy customers:

“I loved the music and the lyrics were great … not everyone has a beautiful song composed just for them!” – Hedi Greenwood

“I love it so much! Holy effing holy awesome! Beyond perfect! You are amazing! (sorry for all the exclamation marks, but ho-holy-ho it is so great!)” – Melissa Ness

“Thank you sooo much for the song! It is beautiful. I got a bit teary-eyed…” – Sara Rose

“Holy crap! It is awesome Laura! I started laughing 2 beats in – sooooo good. He is going to love it! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” – Glenda Roach

“It’s AWESOME!! I love it. Great job.” – Jim Peers

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make your wedding a memorable one!
Email me at customsongs (at) lauraleeschultz (dot) com.

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