Down the Lees

2005 – Present

Down The Lees is the brainchild of multi instrumentalist, LL Schultz, a veteran of the Vancouver music scene. Years of playing in bands such as Queazy, New Years Resolution, The Skinjobs, EP Island, and Dating Myself, provided the prolific musician with the much needed tools to emerge as a solo artist. Two full length albums (The Guest Room/360 1/4 Degrees) later, Wear Me Out was born.

“Down the Lees does a lot with just three songs…Consider adding it to your fall listening list. Wear it out on endless shuffle mode.”
Grayowl Point

“Wear me out has only three arrows in its quiver. It patiently shoots three times. Every arrow splits the one before in half. Down The Lees has accuracy in spades.”

“Although it’s been 7 years since the superb audio adventure that was 2008’s The Guest Room, that LP was clearly the genesis and subsequent template for things to come, the highlight of which is the truly stellar single “Brave”, a dynamically rich, emotionally charged grunge-pop dirge, and one of the most memorable songs of the past year.”

Best described as Trip Electro Indie Rock, Wear Me Out features guest musicians, each providing a unique flavour to the songs, elevating them to new heights. Jessie Robertson (Low Spin/Dating Myself) created thick, groovy bass lines that anchored the tracks while Swann Barrat lent a hand by co-producing and layering synth lines and specifically beat-boxing on the title track. Shawn Penner (Mother Mother, Hannah Georgas) co-produced and mixed the EP at District 4 Studios, giving it a dynamic punch that pierces through to the very last note.


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