Ep Island

2008 – Present

EP Island is a project that is scheduled as one-weekend events, bringing in special guests with the goal of writing and recording as much as possible over 3 days. Possibilities to explore and vary the EP Island sound have grown with the inclusion of special guest musicians and sound engineers, and even serendipitous contributions from professional videographers and photographers in subsequent outings.

“It might go against EP Island’s artistic ethos, but with collaborations as awesome as these they should just write a whole album of material. ”

Discorder Magazine – James Olson

“In the end, the music that EP Island make sounds (and feels) like freedom.”


“John Lennon once said that the best songs were written, recorded and released within a week. He was on to something.”

New Band a Day

EP Island’s fifth and latest EP, Aston’ish, features multi-instrumentalist wunderkind Catherine Hiltz from Hot Panda. She plays bass, guitar, cello and trumpet on this EP. This time out, we also had the pleasure of working with the enthusiastic Mariessa McLeod, sound engineer and latest addition to Vancouver’s highly respected studio, Rain City Recorders. Aston’ish documents the first time this group of collaborators has ever worked together, was written in 24 hours, then recorded in 24 hours, mixed by LL and mastered by Stuart McKillop of Rain City Recorders.

Previous releases include Electr’ish, Sweet’ish, Rad’ish and Good’ish. All EPs have been released online, mostly for free, with donation requests only to cover hard costs like beer, mastering, and food for the studio cat, Menue.



Download the EP Island EPK


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