1994 – 1997

“Queazy’s debut CD takes a run through a whole lot of crunchy guitar rock/metal (and even disco) territory without stepping in anything, without sounding derivative — and without any solos! Excellent production work lets the trio pull off dropped tunings on both the guitar and bass for a deep, punchy sound that suits them well.

“Definitely one for the ‘I listen to this too much’ pile” – Rodney Gitzel, Drop D

The songs are pretty dark, musically and lyrically, taking on nice themes like depression (“Mia Buttreeks”), teenage prostitution (“Mary So Lovely”) and child abuse (“Anguish”). But the band also shows off a whimsical side with tunes like “Ode to Garfield” (complete with lasagna pan percussion, it seems), “A” (about, well, the letter ‘A’) and “Ugh!” (which mixes speed metal riffs with a cooing baby — seriously!).

Recommended — unless you only like your female vocals all breathy and sweet. Then Hurk might simply scare you…”
– Rodney Gitzel, Drop D



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