Separation Agreement

2015 – Present

Most bands have the luxury of creating music together as they hash out riffs, play loudly and feel the combined excitement of a new song being born right in front of each other. Usually in a small, cramped jam space. This is not the case with SEPARATION AGREEMENT, a band born from being apart.

In the spring of 2015, LL Schultz (Down the Lees, Dating Myself) packed up her life in Vancouver, BC and moved to Ghent, Belgium to explore the other side of the world. Feeling the musical pangs of separation from one another, Sarah Jane Truman (Ghost House, The Doers) suggested a trans-continental writing project that spawned three emotionally charged songs, created and built upon using the internet. Back and forth, riffs and lyrics were sent to formulate their debut EP called Familiar Haunts.

The duo previously worked together on EP Island’s ‘Sweetish’ back in 2011. For SEPARATION AGREEMENT, they spent the summer/fall carefully crafting the tunes on Familiar Haunts, which is against EP Island’s mantra of a 3 day writing process. The single from the EP, Captain of Dads, explores the difficulties of not dealing with ones past. Your Ghost harnesses the raw energy of losing a loved one that you had a tumultuous relationship with, and Past Activist touches on the emotional impact of activism.

Who says you can’t create a meaningful relationship via the internet? Separation Agreement has.

“The pair craft a stunning collection of tracks whose strengths lie in its haunting melodies and raw lyricism.”
Permanent Rain Press


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